5-7 August 2015, Ankara - TURKEY


Dear Colleagues, 

International Association of Time Use Researchers (IATUR), Ankara University Faculty of Political Science Department of Economics and Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) are pleased to announce its 37th International Conference of IATUR in Ankara, Turkey. The 37th of IATUR conferences which have been organised since 1970 in several cities of the world will be the first one held in Turkey and surrounding region. The main theme of the IATUR 2015 conference is “Time Use Research and Well-Being: Past, Present and Future”. The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all the world and facilitate explorations of a better understanding of the social and economic well-being based on time use research. Wider collection of time use data particularly in developing countries provide valuable and rich source of information on the issues of new measures of real income, human well-being and poverty. The importance of time use statistics in understanding social and economic inequalities improved the potential of data use for informing policy and for better understanding the effects of public policies on social and economic well-being of individuals and households. Given the broad array of topics that time-use data can shed light on, advancement in the use of the data for policy advocacy and analysis can increase our understanding on a wide variety of areas that can serve to the research community, policymakers as well as policy advocates. In order to address policy analysis in developed and developing countries via time use research there is a need to raise wider awareness on these issues and to build capacity to use of time use data for policy analysis. For this purpose, a one day training workshop will precede the conference, on 4th August 2015, aiming to provide a background to the participants from all over the world on the theme "Time Use Research for Policy Making and Advocacy" 


On behalf of the organizing committee, 

Best Regards 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emel Memiş and Prof. Dr. Burça Kızılırmak